INHALO - Eventide

When guitar builder Roy Willems amplified Vincent’s sarangi, Vincent decided to repay thet favor with recording some music for Roy’s band, Inhalo. The song Eventide was released in 2022.

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Raining From My Eyes

In 2019 Vincent made a track with Isis & Mozes and the Indian singer Sandhya Sanjana, Raining From My Eyes. The track was released by the Mexican label Akasha Records and was launched during the Amsterdam Dance Event 2019.

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De Vloek op de Overvloed

In 2008, the Manu’s Dutch hip hop album De Vloek op de Overvloed was released by RAEN Music. Vincent collaborated on three tracks on this album. He played violin on the openingstrack Dagelijks and sarangi on the tracks Het Nadeel van de Twijfel & Feniksvleugelen.

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