Vincent Swierstra, based in Amsterdam, is the only sarangi player in the world that uses an amplified sarangi, which has given him the opportunity to experiment with effect pedals and create a new and unique sound. He likes to combine the raw, acoustic sound of the sarangi with electronic music.

After his sarangi was amplified in 2015, Vincent started performing extensively. At parties, festivals and other events at many places throughout the Netherlands. He has played at the main stages of the Landjuweel and Psy Fi festivals, the Healing Garden stage at Mysteryland, among others, and in the big halls of the 013 and Paradiso.

He discovered the sarangi on his first trip to India in 2003 and immediately fell in love with the instrument. He bought a beautiful old sarangi and started taking lessons. Because of the ten years of violin lessons as a child he picked up the technique quite fast.

Of all the instruments in the world, the sarangi resembles the sound of the human voice the most. Three gut strings are played with a bow and nails. The thirty-six sympathetic strings contribute to the mystic sound that makes the sarangi so beautiful.

Vincent prefers giving meditation concerts and playing with DJ’s but he has also performed with poets, storytellers and various occasional formations. He has worked with DJ’s Krien Jozeph and DJ Isis, rapper Manu, artist and musician Richard Bolhuis, dancer Gil The Grid, poet and artist Sieger Baljon, and many others.

In 2021, Vincent’s first EP will be released, The Sarangi Sessions Vol.1. For this project, he invited four Dutch hip hop producers to make an instrumental hip hop track with the sound of the sarangi. More music will be released in the near future!

Besides being a musician, Vincent is also a writer. In 2017 he released his debut novel The Magician, Memoires of a Fool. An English translation is being worked on at the moment. At the same time, a documentary about Vincent was released in 2017, Voices of Vincent. The full film can be seen on Vimeo.

Bookings Highlights

Neo & Manu, hip hop
01-10-2006 Grote Zaal 013, Tilburg

Deejay Irie, hip hop
03-11-2018 Let’s Gro Festival, Grote Markt, Groningen

Krien Jozeph, DJ
01-08-2015 Landjuweel, mainstage, Amsterdam
02-04-2016 Kunstenaarsbal, Schouwburg, Amsterdam
13-08-2016 Landjuweel, mainstage, Amsterdam
27-08-2016 Psy Fi, Kabouter Area, Leeuwarden
28-08-2016 Mystery Land, Healing Garden Area, Haarlemmermeer
08-11-2017 Supperclub, Amsterdam
28-12-2017 Paradiso, Grote Zaal, Ballonnenfeest, Amsterdam
28-07-2018 Landjuweel, Kerk, Amsterdam

01-09-2019 Psy Fi, Mainstage, Leeuwarden

Solo & Met Band
13-01-2017 Eurosonic, Brouwerij Martinus, Groningen
27-08-2017 Mystery Land, Healing Garden Area, Haarlemmermeer

Gil The Grid, Dancer
19-09-2017 Launch Psychosenet Website, Astare, Utrecht

DJ Isis
10-08-2019 Landjuweel, Kerk, Amsterdam
18-10-2019 PLLEK, Amsterdam Dance Event, Amsterdam
28-12-2019 Paradiso, Kleine Zaal, Ballonnenfeest, Amsterdam

Dr Peacock
27-08-2022 Ground Zero Festival, mainstage, Bussloo