This summer, a crowdfunding campaign ran at VoorDeKunst to bring Vincent’s first EP The Sarangi Sessions Vol.1 into the world, an old dream. Thanks to more than 80 donors and the Amsterdams Fonds Voor de Kunst, the campaign was very successful!

The record will be released in November 2020. Check out the beautiful promotional video here, made by the Groninger artist Maruschka Poolman. She also did all the artwork for the record. Sign up for the newsletter or like Vincent’s Facebook page to stay informed of this upcoming release! Below you will find all the info about Vincent’s sarangi and the four producers who contributed to it.

Vincent Swierstra

Vincent (Amsterdam 1982) is one of the few people in The Netherlands who play the sarangi. He discovered the instrument on his first trip to India in 2003 and immediately fell in love with it’s mystical sound. It is said that of all the instruments in the world, the sarangi resembles the sound of the human voice the most. Three gutstrings are played with a bow and with the nails. 36 sympathetic strings create extra resonance and the unique sound that characterizes the sarangi.

After finishing his Cultural Anthropology bachelor at the University of Amsterdam in 2011, he decided to focus on playing the sarangi fulltime. His teacher in Amsterdam, Joep Bor, is the author of the book ‘Voice of the Sarangi’ and one of the founders of Codarts, the Conservatory for World Music in Rotterdam. Vincent also went back to India three times to study with Grammy winner Dhruba Ghosh in Mumbai. In 2015, Vincent’s sarangi was amplified and this created the opportunity to experiment with effects and play along with loud music. The last three years, Vincent has been performing at venues, parties and festivals throughout the Netherlands, playing solo, with DJ’s, poets, storytellers and various formations.

Growing up listening to hip-hop as a teenager, it was an old dream of Vincent to create a hip-hop sarangi record so in 2017 he decided to hook up with four talented producers from the Netherlands to make the dream come true. The result of these collaborations is this EP, The Sarangi Sessions Vol.1. The record will be released in 2020. These are the four producers that worked on this project.

Deejay Irie

Deejay Irie is a Dutch DJ/Producer with deep champion rooted experience in Hip Hop and turntablism in addition to a decade of experience in creating music for theatre and film. He’s a world renowned DJ and performer that plays in all continents of the world. Irie aims to create a soundscape of cinematic atmospheres while still keeping it funky!


COMCAP was born in the Dutch town of Leeuwarden and moved to Amsterdam in 2006. Ever since he discovered how to make beats on a computer in 2004, music started becoming his true passion and goal in life. Eventually he decided to move away from the software-environment and invested in an analog home studio in 2009. His production technique could best be described as a modern way of composing, using sounds taken solely from his unique collection of obscure/rare vinyl records. For composing he only uses his AKAI MPC 2000XL samplers, a turntable to sample records from, an analog mixing board and a few other hardware components.

COMCAP has been releasing music since 2014, ranging from (international) collaborations to solo-projects and singles. Furthermore he and his crew are running a monthly underground Hip Hop event in Amsterdam, The Ill Street Sessions.


Koshinto is an electronic music project of Aldert Johan Varkevisser. A mix of intense dreamy ambient and cinematic Trip Hop with a psychedelic twist. In 2002 he got the opportunity to participate in the Twix Talent Room. He performed at ID&T Radio, Trance Energy and made it to the final at Innercity. He was inspired by a few friends to learn more about making music. This shifted his attention from deejaying to producing. At the same time, his passion for music helped him cope with his sensibility for psychosis. From that, the Koshinto project was born. After the release of his debut album Mindscapes in 2017, he became one of the winners of Inaba Music’s sync licensing challenge with his track Ready For Liftoff.

Pitch Controller Mitch

Misha van de Winkel aka Pitch Controller Mitch is a DJ, songwriter, producer and one of the founders of the platform and music label INI Movement. He toured the world with Pete Philly & Perquisite, made it to the final of De Grote Prijs van Nederland with Jiggy Dje and produces for a wide range of artists from different genres. The track Walking on Fire with Rilan & De Bombardiers was played in American tv shows like Shooter. His solo music is played in all corners of the world. Although his roots lie in Hip Hop but other cultures and genres also spark his interest.

Photo credits: Kes Antoniesen