Documentary 'Voices of Vincent'

The documentary Voices of Vincent is made by director Maarten Kal and, just like the book The Magician, Memoires of a Fool, was released in May 2017. Since then, the film has been featured at a variety of (inter)national film festivals. Vincent has also shown the film at multiple locations in The Netherlands, combined with a lecture.

Years after his psychosis, Vincent still uses antipsychotic medication because he hears voices. In this documentary, Maarten Kal shows what it’s like for Vincent to hear voices and follows him on his quest for an explanation. Are the voices auditory hallucinations or are they metaphysical beings? He has a conversation about this with Marius Romme and Sandra Escher, founders of the Hearing Voices Movement. The film also shows how Vincent uses his spirituality and music to deal with his voices. Because he is schooled as an cultural anthropologist, he has a great interest in how other cultures look at this phenomenon and what me might be able to learn from that. Now, a few years after shooting the film, Vincent’s voices have mostly disappeared.

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